1. Debt advisory

At Goldrush, our team of professionals is well placed to assist your business and provide comprehensive and bespoke Debt advisory services for different facets of the lifecycle.

Our team has expertise in various sectors and markets, including corporate finance, project finance, working capital finance, debt syndication, infrastructure finance, debt capital markets, asset-based lending, real estate finance, structured finance, alternative lenders, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and credit ratings analysis and support.

We offer hands-on assistance through the process of raising capital, from initial assessment and strategy to successful execution. Using clear and consistent communications, we can help you develop and strengthen shareholder support for the deal.

Debt raising and refinancing

Advise on the structuring and assist with the execution of debt facilities across all markets.

Acquisition and growth funding

Develop and execute funding strategies for M&A initiatives, strategic growth opportunities and large capital expenditure projects.

Capital structure planning

Align capital structure with long-term strategic objectives.

Restructuring and negotiation

Help clients manage lender relationships, negotiate covenant adjustments and facility extensions as well as advise on restructuring and recapitalization options.

Funding options and alternatives

Undertake a detailed credit assessment and debt capacity analysis, assessing market-based funding options and advising on potential available terms.

Credit rating evaluation and advisory

Assist in the formal credit rating process, assess likely credit rating outcomes and advise on business and capital management initiatives designed to enhance credit profiles.

A typical debt advisory services involves preparing teaser, financial model and detailed information memorandum. Identifying prospective lender, facilitating a dialogue between lender and client, negotiating term sheet and reaching to a win-win situation. Efficiently maintaining a good rapport and a knowledge driven communication is an inevitable part of Goldrush Team.

We also have a talented team of professionals under ‘Jawa Capital’, Category-1 Merchant Banker registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India, and under ‘Name of IBBI firm’, managing Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process for large corporate houses and mid-size firms.

2. Private Equity

A private equity fund is a pooled investment vehicle where the adviser pools together the money invested in the fund by all the investors and uses that money to make investments on behalf of the fund. Unlike mutual funds or hedge funds, private equity firms often focus on long-term investment opportunities in assets that take time to sell with an investment time horizon typically of 10 or more years.

The Goldrush team work with a wide range of sector agnostic high growth ventures across India, SE and GCC countries. By understanding your investment thesis, Goldrush professionals are able to provide high quality deal flow to enable investment opportunities for your fund.

Goldrush understands that investors are constantly looking into the market for raw and robust deals which provides them long lasting benefits and diversify portfolio risk. We discover the latest signals and better opportunities to build a deal flow for our investor network and providing support throughout the deal journey. We cover the whole ecosystem; from active investors, successful entrepreneurs, technical specialists and sector experts.

Our team have the experience to ensure a smooth fundraising process for all parties involved. We enable due diligence process on behalf of investors for assessing the desirability, value, financial viability and potential of an investment option before they commit capital.

Our integrated team of experts work with sector agnostic high growth ventures and helps you focus on the key questions to develop and implement capital structuring transactions and raise capital in line with your objectives.

Financing strategy: How do I maximize shareholder and stakeholder value?
Option identification and evaluation: What sources of finance (debt/ equity) may be available?
Deal execution: How do I achieve the best terms?
Closing: How do I manage communications?
Ongoing management and stakeholder communication: How do I manage stakeholder communications to maintain lender and shareholder support?

3. Lender’s Independent Engineer & TEV Study

Techno Economic Viability Study & Feasibility Reports

The term "Techno Economic Viability" (TEV) study refers to the evaluation of a project's technical and financial details, as well as pertinent information about its technological feasibility and economic viability, into one or more criteria on the basis of which the project is suggested for approval, modification, or rejection. The purpose of the Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) Study Evaluation is to help lenders determine whether the level of risk associated with a project is acceptable. It considers an examination of market risk, regulatory risk, financial risk, and other risks as well as technology risk. A TEV study requires a critical assessment of these factors.

TEV study gives an assessment of a project's technological as well as financial features and their impact on the financial viability of the project.

Areas of assessment

  • Technical Feasibility
    • Evaluation of the land that will be used for the project.
    • Evaluation of the infrastructure's appropriateness and availability for the business's operations.
    • Availability of qualified/Skilled manpower
    • Evaluation of current capacity
  • Financial Viability
    • Assessment of the project's profitability and future cash flows.
    • Financial viability of the project, According to financial predictions, profitability (revenue and costs), cash flow, IRR, DSCR, DP, MPBF, and other factors,
    • Perform a project sensitivity analysis
  • Market Potential
    • Current and upcoming market conditions.
    • Analyses of the marketing infrastructure at hand
    • The supply-demand analysis
    • Rivalry in the field
  • Management Caliber
    • Evaluation of management skills
  • SCOT & Risk Analysis
    • Perform a SCOT & Risk analysis to pinpoint the major internal and external aspects that are crucial to the project's success.

Since it began TEV Study Services in 2014, Goldrush has successfully completed analysis for over 300 projects across a multitude of industries. Goldrush is one of the brands to look for in the industry and is empaneled with Major PSU Banks. Goldrush is trusted by many of the leading banks in India for its independent, unbiased expert perspective.

Large enterprises, MSMEs, investment agencies, and others use these studies to help them make important business and investment choices.

Lender’s Independent Engineer’s (LIE):

When a developer requests funds from a lending institution, such as a bank or an NBFC, the Lenders Independent Engineer (LIE) acts as their representative and assists in technical assessments of a variety of projects, whether they are commercial or not.

To protect the interests of the lenders and guarantee that the risk of the lender is kept to a minimum, bankers and investors aim to conduct thorough assessments of various aspects of their investments before investing in any project financial institutions. Investors require thorough due diligence to reduce risks and defend their interests, covering all aspects of the project, from technical and legal to economic viability.

A Lender's Engineer's responsibility is to verify the authenticity of the work being carried out on the site.

How can our Lenders Independent Engineering Services assist you?

Goldrush Capital Services Private Limited is a reputable provider of Independent Engineering Services in India. Engineers with extensive expertise give an unbiased technical appraisal of a project or technical due diligence. Engineers assess the physical progress of the work being done on the site and expenditure insured towards it.

Goldrush Capital Services Private Limited has prepared LIE reports for over 100 projects in various industries that have been funded by different lenders/financial institutions.

Role of LIE

  • Assessment of construction/ site progress with scheduled timeline/ implementation schedule
  • Assessment of capital expenditure, operation expenditure including cost vetting
  • Assessment of project connectivity
  • Assessment of statutory compliance requirement
  • Assessment of quality of work
  • Assessment of contractual documents
  • Risk assessment and mitigation plan
  • Review of vendor bills for preparation of disbursement


To Avoid Project Failures

  1. Every project requires a thorough conceptual framework that discusses risk management and focuses on the problems and design decisions that the lender's engineer will need to make.
    Risks may be managed pro-actively and successfully with the aid of a solid set of practical techniques and the appropriate instruments. Additionally, it's crucial to practice applying discipline in daily operations and across the whole project.
  2. Never attempt to limit the scope of your project or depend just on verbal agreements for any choices you make regarding the intended project. To aid you in the long term, make a point of documenting your dealings, activities, choices, and outcomes.
    Make sure that none of your project deliverables conflict with the demands of your clients. It must complement one another.
  3. To minimize risks, be careful to recognize, examine, and address such problems as soon as possible. Recognize your risk factors and all the possible issues early on, then take the necessary steps to prevent things from getting out of hand.
  4. It is necessary to establish proper coordination among all parties involved to prevent any conflicting opinions.
  5. Assess your project utilizing risky scenarios such as stress testing, monitoring, and reporting procedures to mitigate future risks.

Enrollment of a qualified Lender's Independent Engineer provide valuable benefits that go beyond simply approving the projects.

In addition to offering risk management and value creation, LIE has advantages beyond only giving lenders assurance.
Advantages of Lender Independent Engineer Report:

  • Effective project monitoring
  • Risk assessment
  • Mitigation plan

4. Government/PSU Advisory

Goldrush has been empanelled with NHAI since 2018 as their financial consultants/advisors.
Our scope of work includes:

  • Bid Process Management for PPP Projects till signing of Concession Agreement and financial closure
  • Preparation & Evaluation of bidding documents (RFP, Draft Concession Agreement, etc.) and Financial Analysis for such PPP Projects
  • Development of detailed Financial Model
  • Sensitivity Analysis for making the Project commercially Viable
  • Facilitate the authority in preparing appraisal documents for internal approvals of the Project
  • Evaluation of Bids received against toll collection contracts
  • Evaluation of Technical Bids of consultancy services for Authority Engineer, Independent Engineer, etc.

5. Agency for Specialized Monitoring (ASM)

Goldrush is empaneled by Indian Banks Association for providing ASM services to Bank / Consortium of banks having large credit exposure. Agency for Specialized Monitoring (ASM) is a recently added vertical of Goldrush’s services

Goldrush has a team of professionals with domain expertise, experience, and skills in a variety of sectors and industries who can provide inspection services, end-use of facilities, project implementation progress, Projections vs. Actuals, cash flow monitoring, and other services.

ASM is an external agency which is introduced to monitor large credit exposures and huge advances of Banks/Consortium of banks. Consortium refers to the coming together of banks to sanction the limits for a certain purpose. There is always a Lead bank in a Consortium who has the majority power over others. Lead bank in a consortium of bank will select any particular agency and give the assignment to it for monitoring of account.

An Agency for Specialized Monitoring (ASM) is a mechanism of the bank, which allows it to take several steps to prevent or minimize the number of money laundering cases and misappropriation of funds. ASMs are committed to providing due diligence support in India. In the banking world, the explanation for due diligence support & services involves an in-depth investigation and analysis of the business or person’s credits, assets, and liabilities. A bank before investing or finalizing a transaction in a business initiates acquisition or gives out a loan to a customer to ensure that the deal would be lucrative and safe for the bank.

Purpose – With the effect of reporting under ASM, we come to know the problem in advance like inventory buildup, delay in receivables and diversion of funds. All the transactions will be under a strict vigilance. As employees of the banking industry don’t have such expertise in all the sectors and related business transaction, the services of ASM to closely track the activity of complex nature of transaction of borrower is to be tracked on each stage.

ASM is applicable to all debtors having exposure above Rs. 250 Cr. The scope of work includes:

  • Regular auditing and scrutinizing deviations or fluctuations.
  • Monitoring of cash flow and transactions.
  • Analyzing of the organization’s work input and output.
  • Checking for misappropriation of funds or diversion of funds.
  • Ensuring compliance of terms and condition of sanction.
  • Extensive analysis of a company’s transactions, operations, and financial health.
  • Analyzing of Fund Flow Statement.

ASM is an entity having Chartered Accountants with good domain knowledge, experience and skill in different sectors, industries etc. In case of large exposure or exposure of specialized nature, such agency provides services of inspection, stock audit, cash flow monitoring and end use verification etc.

Focus areas-

  1. Working capital Monitoring
  2. Term loan monitoring
  3. Cash flow monitoring